John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenier, merchants trading under the firm name of Cabanne and Chenier vs. Amable Steine, Executor for the Estate of Louis Beaudoin
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And that your orators may have such
other and further relief as the nature
and circumstances of their case may require;
May if please your Honours to
grant to your orators a summons or
writ of subpoena issuing out of their
Honorable Court and directed to the
said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin , commanding him
in court a certain day and under certain
penalty therein to be limited to be
and appear before your Honors in this Honorable Court then and there to stand to
and abide by such order and answer as
to your honours shall seem equitable
in the promise & may it please your
Honours to grant to your orators a
writ of injunction to to be directed to the
saidLouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin his counsellors
attorniessolicitors and agentsand
the Sheriff of St. Louis County commanding
andenjoining them to desist and
refrain from enforcing the execution
aforesaid against the property or bodies
of your orators until the final order
and decree of this Court. And your

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