Bank of Missouri vs. William Clark
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The president, Directory of company
of the Bank ofBank of Missouri MissouriBank of Missouri
WilliamWilliam Clerk

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
June Term 1824

And the said plaintiff by their Attorney comes
and defend the wrong & injury when &c. and says as
to the first plea of the said defendant by him first
above pleaded & whereof he has put himself upon the
Country they the said plaintiff do the like

And as to the second plea of the said defendant
by him above pleaded the said plaintiff say that the said
plea and matter therein contained in manner and form
as the same are above pleaded and set forth are not
sufficient in law to bar the plaintiff from having &
maintaining there action aforesaid against him the
clark and that the plaintiffs are not bounded by the
law of the land to answer the same and this they
to verify, wherefore for want of a sufficient
plea in this behalf the said plaintiff pray judgment.

Shother Atty plffs