Bank of Missouri vs. William Clark
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And for further this behalf the said
Defendant says that the said plaintiff
ought not to have or maintain their action
aforesaid thereof against there because he
says that before the commencement of this
suit to wit on the twelveth day of January in the year eighteen hundred and twenty three at St. LouisSt Louis to wit at the county aforesaid
the said plaintiff did by their
deed in writing under their seal bearing dew
in day & year last aforesaid
afrige & set over the promissory note in the said
declaration mentioned to the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States
and thereby there and then and transfer
to the said UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States all the intereset of the
said plaintiff in and to the note aforesaid
and theif the said deed is in force and not
annulled and that the said plaintiff have

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no interest in the note aforesaid and this
he is ready to verfy wherefor he prays
judgment if the said plaintiff ought to
have or then action aforesaid
further against this Defendant

Demurrer to 2nd plea
Janidu & Shother

mash and pettis
Attys & Dpt