John O'Fallon, William Clark, et. al vs. Missouri Fur Company
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In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court St. Louis County
John O FallonJohn O'Fallon William ClarkWilliam Clark Bernard Pralte

AugustAugust Chouteau ChouteauAugust Chouteau & Robert NashRobert Nash
JoshuaJoshua Pilcher PilcherJoshua Pilcher vs An Woods & Mc Donald
ThomasThomas Hempstead HempsteadThomas Hempstead Charles Hempstead
Ext of Manuel LisaManuel Lisa decd. St. MaryMary Lisa of
Manuel Lisa decd. which said ThomasThomas Charter
and JoshuaJoshua Pitcher. Woods and Donald
are impleaded much

WilliamWilliam H
Van der berg to Moses B

And the said Defendants Joshua AndrewAndrew & August and, Thomas HempsteadThomas Hempstead ,
I HempsteadHempstead Execute & Mary LisaMary Lisa Ex of ManuelManuel Lisa LisaManuel Lisa
decd impleaded as aforesaid - come by then Attorney
and defend the & Injury when or are
of said promissory in said declination mentioned
is read to them in these words