John O'Fallon, William Clark, et. al vs. Estate of Edward Hempstead
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John O FallonJohn O'Fallon & others
Chal. I Hempstead
& Thomas HempsteadHempstead
Execution of EdwardEdward Hempstead HempsteadEdward Hempstead

Plaintiff for implication
to the several pleas and all of
said Defendants above pleased and set forth
& say that they ought not to be barred or
from having or maintaining their action
aforesaid against them the said Defendants
because the said plaintiff say that the
said several pleas above pleaded except the first are not
sufficient in law neither is any one of there
sufficient in law to or do the
said plaintiff from having or maintain
-ing their action aforesaid against them
the said defendants and that by the law of
the land they are not found to answer the
said pleas or any of them the first wherefor for
of a sufficient plea in this
the said plaintiff pay judgment and their
& costs

for the non complained by the said
Defendant of
&C. aforesaid Mash &

for plff.