Molly Rector vs. John Bivens
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To WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr Esq. Judge of the St Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court

The petition of MollyMolly a free girl of colour
humbly shows to your honor, that she was born in the
state of KentuckyKentucky and held and claimed as a slave
in the family of John Thurston. that upon the marriage
of Francis Thurston to Colonel Elias Rector she said
MollyMolly was transfered, to said Rector, who sometime in
year eighteen hundred and brought
your petitioner to KaskaskiaKaskaskia in the territory (now state)of IllinoisIllinois
where she resided four or five years with said Rector,
who promised your petitioner her freedom and liberty if she
would consent to live with said Rector and serve him
faithfully as a slave for the space of four years.
that she was brought to St LouisSt Louis some time afterwards and held as a slave
And your petitioner further shows that after remaining
three or four years in St LouisSt Louis and in the possession of
said Rector she was again sent to IllinoisIllinois and remained
therefore the space of about six months in the possession
of Joseph Barton the brother in law of said Rector, that
she returned some short time before the death of said Rector
and was sold by him to his brother StephenStephen , that at
the time your petitioner was sold to said StephenStephen , said
EliasElias Rector told said StephenStephen in the presence of your
petitioner that she your petitioner should be free
at the expiration of four years from the time of

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said sale your petitioner and that more than four years
have lapsed since the said sale to said StephenStephen . That some
two or three years lapsed after this, when said StephenStephen removed
to the state of IllinoisIllinois taking your Petitioner along with
him that after remaining in StSt Clair ClairSt ClairCo. IllinoisIllinois with said
StephenStephen about a year she was brought to St LouisSt Louis by Wharton
Rector and sold to JohnJohn Bivens BivensJohn Bivens who now holds your
petitioner as a slave, Your petitioner therefore humbly prays
this honorable Court to be permitted to bring suit as a poor
person, for the recovery of her natural freedom and liberty and
that this honorable Court would assign her Counsel and make
such other and further orders in the as may be
deemedconsonant to law and Justice. And your petitioner
will ever pray & C.

her MollyMolly Rector