John Baptise Guadaire v. John Baptise Carron
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Deposition of witnesses produced sworn and examined on the fifteenth day of March in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five between the hours of Ten o'clock in the forenoon and fouro'clock in
the afternoon of that day at the office of PeterPeter FergusonFerguson in the city of
Saint LouisSt Louis and state of MissouriMissouri before Mr PeterPeter FergusonFerguson a justice of
the peace within& for the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis & State aforesaid in con
formity with a notice for the examination of witnesses in a certain cause
now depending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis between
John BaptisteJohn Baptiste GaudersGauders plaintiff and John BJohn B . CarronCarron defendant on
the part of the Plaintiff Toussant Tremble. being duly sworn
of the age of Twenty one years and upwards being duly sworn on his
oath deposeth and saith. Question by the Plaintiff. Where is your place of
residence. Answer. in CahokiaCahokia in the State of IllinoisIllinois. Question by same
do you know John BaptisteJohn Baptiste Gaudeers the Plaintiff in this action. Answer I do
Question. do you know John BJohn B CarronCarron the defendant. Answer I do & have known him
for several years. Question. do you know of John BJohn B . Gaudeers's having gone up
the MissouriMissouri river as a boat hand for John BJohn B . CarronCarron and when. Answer
John BJohn B Gaudere went up the MissouriMissouri & Grand river as a boat hand for
John BJohn B CarronCarron in September Eighteen hundred and twenty three. I steered
the boat myself. Question. was J. B. Carron in the boat and did he go
the trip himself. Answer. he did and came back in the boat at the same
time GaudersGauders & the rest of us came back. Question. do you know how much
Mr J. B. Canon was to give GaudersGauders for the trip. Answer. Yes-
Seventy dollars. Question. how do you know that he was to give GaudersGauders
that sum. Answer. I heard J. B. Carron tell J. B. Gauders that he would
give him seventy dollars for the trip. he gave me seventy five steered
the boat. Question did you ever hear Mr CarronCarron say how much he was
to give the other hand for that trip. Answer I did. he said he was to give them
seventy dollars a piece. Question was there a written agreement between
Carron & Gauders. for Gaudere's services in the trip above mentioned. Answer. not that I know of I never saw our. Question. did Gaudeers
perform the trip. Answer. he did he went as for up Grand river as the
rest of us did. Question. did Mr GaudersGauders do his duty as a boat hand during
that trip. Answer. he did. Questions did J. B. Gaudere loose any time on
the Voyage. Answer not that I recollect of. Question did J. B. Gauders
obey the Orders of Mr. CarronCarron during said trip. Answer. he did so far as
I know. Question. was Mr CarronCarron on a trading Voyage with the Indians at
the time Mr GaudersGauders made this trip with him. Answer, he was. Question
as what time did Mr CarronCarron return to St. LouisSt Louis. Answer some time in March 1824. I do not recollect the day. Question did Mr. GaudersGauders
come in the boat to St. LouisSt Louis. Answer Mr he stopped at Saint CharlesSt Charles , he
offered Mr CarronCarron another hand in his place but carron said that he
did not want another hand to come to saint Louis. Question. have
you been paid by Mr CarronCarron for the services rendered in the trip referred

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to. Answer. I have. Question. do you know whether GaudersGauders has been
paid by CarronCarron . Answer. No. I do not but I heard Mr CarronCarron say that he
was very willing to pay. GaudersGauders his wages but that he would make him
wait for them. Question. have you any interest in the decision of the suit between Carron & Gauders. Answer No. not any.
Govern to and subsessibed before Mr
on this 15th day of March 1825

Touissant his markX Tremble.

PeterPeter FergusonFerguson
Justice of the Peace
County St. LouisCounty St Louis
State of MissouriMissouri

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