President and Directors of the Bank of Missouri FBO John O'Fallon v. William Rector
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The President & Directors
& Company of the BankBank of Missouri
of MissouriBank of Missouri to the use
vsWilliamWilliam Rector

And the said Plaintiffs for application
to the said several pleas of the said Defendant
first and secondly above pleaded says that as the
said first plea aforesaid wherein the said Defendant
putshimself upon the country &c the said plaintiff
do the like And as to the said recorded plea
of the said Defendant the said plaintiff say
that they ought not to be banned or precluded
from having or maintaining their action for
against him the said Defendant because they
say that the said Defendant did not
upon the commencement of this suit to to witon
the first day of february in the year of ourLord Eighteen hundred and twenty four well they
pay to the said plaintiff the said sum of
money the said mentionedand
this they pray may be inquired of by the
country &c.

WashWash &

Atty for