George Liss v. John Boley
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John BoleyJohn Boley
George LissGeorge Liss

June Term 1823.

And the said defendant
by his attorney comes & defends
the wrong and injury when & and prays
oyer of the said supposed promissory
note in the first court of the plaintiffs
said declaration mentioned,
and it is read to him in the words
and figures following to wit,

"On or before the last day of December of the ensuing years of eighteen hundred and twenty two I will pay
or cause to be paid unto John BoleyJohn Boley
or his order the just and full sum of
five hundred dollars lawful money
of the United StatesUnited States being for value
received by me in part of a house
and lot at carondolet this eleventh day of Dec 1819.

JamesJames Mackery

(Signed) LouisLouis Revins RevinsLouis Revins

(Enclosed) John BoleyJohn Boley