Winny vs. Rufus Pettibone et al
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The State of MissouriMissouri,
County Of St. LouisSt Louis,

To the Sheriff of said countyâGreeting:

We command you to attach James RichardsonJames Richardson
if he may be found within your bailiwick, and bring him forth
with before the judge of our circuit court, now sitting at the city of StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis, within and for the county of St. LouisSt Louis, then there to answer
unto the State of MissouriMissouri, touching a certain contempt by him com
mitted, in not attending as a witness in a case of WinnyWinny
plaintiff, and RufusRufus Pettibone PettiboneRufus Pettibone ads
defendant, on the part of the Defendant
after being legally summoned by the sheriff of the said
county, and have you then there this writ.

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Witness AArchibald Gamble GambleArchibald Gamble clerk of our said court
at the city of St. LouisSt Louis, this 29th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six
and of our independence the

Arch. Gamble clerk