Winny vs. Rufus Pettibone et al
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WinnyWinny a free woman of color
and her three infant children
mentioned in the petition
CharlesCharles B Hatton Rufus PettiboneRufus Pettibone
Charles B. HattonCharles B Hatton
Owen WingfieldOwen Wingfield
Isaac VoteauIsaac Voteau
John Butter
John WhitsetJohn Whitset
Mitchel HattonMitchell Hatton &
Michael SanfordMichael Sanford legal
Representatives of John WhitsetJohn Whitset decd
John WhitsetJohn Whitset and
Lucinda WhitsetLucinda Whitset heirs
of Thomas Whitset deed &
legal representations of JohnJohn Whitset
WhitsetJohn Whitset decd.

Let the order in this can be made, in the usual forum
that WinnyWinny & her children mentioned in the petition
an allowed to sue the above persons for their freedom
as poor persons by their next friend, that they are not
to be removed out of the Jurisdiction of the court, nor
to any seventy for having said an amount of
this application, and that they be not debased of
reasonable liberty of attending their counsel, - (accord
ing to the statute of freedom, the new law)

Court assign Bates & Mc Girk as counsel
in the order, that the Sheriff serve
the defendants with notice of this order.

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JinnyJinny a free woman of color &
WinnettaWinnetta her infant child
Ephraim MusickEphraim Musick
and all the other persons named in Winny's case
except Rufus PettiboneRufus Pettibone .

Let the order he the same with the addition
that JinnyJinny with her child shall be hired out by
the Sheriff to any person he pleases in the county
for the most he can get till the November Term
of this court, and then from term to term till
the suit is finally decided, and that the Sheriff take
bond from the hirer with good in a sufficient sum for the
payment of the hire, and that the hirer shall have
the said JinnyJinny forth coming when and where the
court shall award, and that the hirer allow the
negro liberty of attending her counsel, and that the
Sheriff the hire and keep it subject to
the order of the Court
also State in the entry that Bates & Mc Girk assigned by
the Court as counsel by the court
Insert, that the Sheriff serve the defend
ants with Notice of this order.

Make out a copy and hand it to the Sheriff
in both cases and give it to the shff