Winny vs. Rufus Pettibone et al
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served this writ on IssacIssac Voteau
VoteauIssac Voteau on the ninth day of July 1825 by reading it to

The other defendants to
RufusRufus Pettibone . PettiboneRufus Pettibone . CharlesB
Mattew and SallySally his wife
OwenOwen Wingfield WingfieldOwen Wingfield and SallySally his
wife. John Butler and BetsyBetsy
his wife. John WhitsetJohn Whitset alias,
WhitesidesWhitesides . Mitchel HattonMitchell Hatton
and Ann his wife.

. John WhitsetJohn Whitset alias
WhitesidesWhitesides , notfound
in my County July 9th