Melinda vs. Rufus Pettibone
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PettibonePettibone & others

and said Lanford
his wife
cause & defend the wrongandinjury when
says that the said MalindaMalinda is the slave of then
said Landford and wife and this they are ready
to verify, & C.
and said Lead administrator of
said RufusRufus comes and defend's the wrong and injury
when & C. and says that said MalindaMalinda at the time
when & C. was the slave of said RufusRufus and this he is ready

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Served this writ on IssacIssac Voteau
VoteauIssac Voteau on the ninth day of July 1823 by reading to him
On Michael Landford and
TheresaTheresa his wife in the city
of St. LouisSt Louis by reading the said
to them on the 6th of the said
month. The other defendants
named in this writ are not
found in my countyneither
they a plea of
in my countyknown to
me, at which served leave
a copy hereof July 9th 1826:

John R. Walker Shff

Service - $3:00