Israel/Israil, a man of color vs. William Rector, Issac Luther
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To the Honourable Alexander Stewart Judge of the circuit
court in the third Judicial circuit for the state of

Your petitioner[ IsraelIsreal ] a slave, upon each to your
honor that he belongs to and is under the control
of WilliamWilliam Rector who is a resident and citizen
of the state, and by whom authority and direction
he was removed to the state of IllinoisIllinois where he
remained & several months from term to term eighteteen months at
the special direction and under the authority of the
said Rector, his affairs and
his plantation situated in the said state of IllinoisIllinois
and your Petitioner further upon into that by his
frequent residence in the state aforesaid under the
direction and authority aforesaid, he became
entitled to his freedom under the laws of that
state, and your petitioner prays that if your
honor should be of opinion that this petition
contains sufficient matter to authorize the comment
of a suit by him the said [ IsraelIsreal ] for
his freedom, that you make an order that he
be permitted to sue as a poor person to establish
his freedom aforesaid, and assign him the said
petitioner counsel for that purpose.