Israel/Israil, a man of color vs. William Rector, Issac Luther
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Isaac A. Luther impladed
with WilliamWilliam Rector
IsraelIsrael , a man of color

In the writ court, July Term 1826.

And the said IsaacIsaac , who has
him made a party, & impliaded with WilliamWilliam Rector
by the said IsraelIsrael , in his action, comes & defends this
wrong & injury when &I. and saith that he is in no
wise guilty of the said supposed several trespases in
the plantiffs declaration above alledged, and for plea
in this behalf, the said LutherLuther saith, that he became
the purchaser of the said IsraelIsrael , as a slave, at Sher
iffs sale, same term in the year Eighteen hundred &
twenty five, in the town of St. LouisSt Louis, who was sold, by the
Sheriff of said county of St LouisSt Louis, by virture of a writ
of Execution, against the WilliamWilliam Rector, as the slave
of the said Rector; that in business of said sale, the
said IsraelIsrael came into the posession of said LutherLuther
as the purchaser at said sale, of all the sight &
which said Rector have in aged to said IsraelIsrael
that said IsraelIsrael informed the whither that he was & is a
free man I now and at the time of the sale afore
said, by virtue his sentence, for a of years in
the state of IllinoisIllinois. And the said LutherLuther saith, that
he hath taken some trouble to engrain into the nature
& legality of the claim of said IsraelIsrael to his freedom
as set forth in his said declaration, and an full
, as aforesaid, the said LutherLuther saith that him
cannot deny hat that the said IsraelIsrael is a free
man as he both in his said declaration
set forth; and whether he the said LutherLuther is guiltty
of the trespases in said declaration mentioned, he
puts himself upon the county, &c.

J. C. Mc GirkMcGirk , Atto
for Dept