Israel/Israil, a man of color vs. William Rector, Issac Luther
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Isaac AIsaac A Luther . LutherIsaac A Luther impleaded
with WilliamWilliam Rector
[ IsraelIsrail ], a man of Color

Ss In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
July Term 1826

And the said IsaacIsaac A Luther
AIsaac A Luther . LutherIsaac A Luther , who has been made party & impleaded with
the said WilliamWilliam Rector, by the said IsrailIsrael , in his amend
ed dutoration, by his attorny,, comes and defends
they wrong & injury when & and for plea to the
half southauthor of the said IsrailIsrael , saith that
he is not guilty of the said severalTrespasses, in
manner and form over alledged in said declara
tion, his cause he saith, that that an
the Second day of February in the year Eight teen hundred and twenty six in the said I
saac became the purchaser of the said IsrailIsrael
as a slave, the property of the said WilliamWilliam
Rector, at sheriff sale, in the county & city
of St LouisSt Louis, which said Sheriffs sale was made
by the sheriff of said County, under & by virtue
of a writ of Execution, issued from the Clerks
office of the county Circuit Court of the
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis against, against the said
Rector, and thereby obtained & pur chased all the
rightthither& interest and Claim, which said
Rector had in & to said IsrailIsrael as a slave
and that said IsaacIsaac took pocession of the
said IsrailIsrael , as a slave, in accordance to
the said sale, and has kept and detained
him the said IsrailIsrael as his slave from
the time said sale was made up to the
present day; and the said LutherLuther saith,
that since he the said LutherLuther purchased
the said IsrailIsrael , as aforesaid, the said IsrailIsrael
informed him the said LutherLuther that he the
said IsrailIsrael is a free man, andis not
a slave, according to the law of the land;
that the said LutherLuther after, after a full enquir
y into the said Clain of said IsrailIsrael to his
freedom, saith that he cannotdeny but that
the said IsrailIsrael is a free man, as he hath
in his said declaration alledged, but stays &
remains with the said LutherLuther as a slave, of his
own accord & consent, without any constrant
or compulsion of him the said LutherLuther ,

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and whether he the said LutherLuther is guitty of the
said several trespasses in said declaration, in
manner and form therein alledged
, his puts himself upon
the country - &.

J. C. McGirkMcGirk

Atto for Defendant