Israel/Israil, a man of color vs. William Rector, Issac Luther
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To the Honourable Alexander Stewart Judge of the
Circirt Court within and for the county of St LouisSt Louis

The Petition of IsrealIsrael a man of color respectfully
upon to your honor that he has filed his petition and
and attained leave of your honor to commence
suit as a poor person for the purpose of obtaining
his freedom, he further that he is in the custody
of John H. Walker the sheriff of this county & restrained
from experiencing that liberty which the laws of his country
to him, that he is and advertised for
sale to satisfy several Executions in the hands of the
said sheriff against a certain WilliamWilliam Rector who
set up a pretended claim to your petitioner as his
slave, and that unless a special order is made by
your honour to have him and from confinement
he will be to be sold, and doomed to a
lasting and ignominiousslavery contrary to right
justice and the law of the Land, and that your
honor may be better advised of the grievances
aforsaid and make such order therein as you
may think must and proper, your petitioner prays
that you cause his body to be brought into court
by a word of HarlemCopan and death with accordingly

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IsrealIsrael his

Sworn to & Signed in
open court Dec 14th 1825

A. GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk