Dorinda, a free woman of Colour vs. John Simonds, Jr.
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Deposition of produced and Sworn and examined
on the Twentieth day of May one thousand eight hundred & twenty six between the hours of nine of the Clock in the fore
noon and six of the Clock of the afternoon of that day of
the office of Richard JRichard J . Hamilton Geyer in the town of Browns-
ville and County of JacksonJackson in the State of IllinoisIllinois
sue Jack Manning a Justice of the Peace within and for
the County aforesaid in a Certain Case now pending in
the Circuit Court of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis in the State of MisMissouri-
souri between DorindaDorinda a woman of Colour Plaintiff
and John Simonds JrJohn Simonds Jr . defendant.

Richard JRichard J . HamiltonHamilton of Lawful age being produced Sw
om and examined on the Part of the defendant depo-
sith and saith -

Question first. Are you acquainted with DorindaDorinda a woman of
Colour the Plaintiff in the above mentioned suit
if so at what time and at what place did you
know her?

Anser I am. I have been acquainted with her from her
infancy have seen her in KentuckyKentucky, in MissouriMissouriand
and She also resided with me for a time in Browns-
ville Jackson CountyJackson County State of IllinoisIllinois.

Question What do you know concerning her residence in the
State of IllinoisIllinois; please State the Circumstances atten-
ding it?

Answer DorindaDorinda was brought to IllinoisIllinois Late in the fall of 1823
and Left at the house of Col. James Gill on the IllinoisIllinois
Bank of the Mississippi RiverMississippi River in this County by a man
by the name of BrownBrown as I was informed - About
the same time a communication from
Mr. AringtonArington Phelps PhelpsArington Phelps the Master and owner of
theDorindaDorinda informing me that she was to be
out in the County of Cape County
State of MissouriMissouri requesting me to attend to will
ing her out in the said County and the mon
ey for his will until he returned and took her home

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As soon as I know that she was at said James Gills I
went there with the intention of taking her to Misso
uri and hireing her there but at the earnest solici-
tations of DorindaDorinda to permit her to remain at
my house until her master should return and take
her home I permitted her to go home and remain
with me without the knowledge and contrary to
the institutions of her Master and owner Mr. PhelpsPhelps
I wrote to Mr. PhelpsPhelps informing him of Dorinda's Sit-
uation but received no answer for six or eight mon-
ths or more when he informed me that by reason of his
absence he had not before remained my Communi-
cation and again instructed and requested me to take
DorindaDorinda to MissouriMissouri and live her out as before in-
situation. I took her to MissouriMissouri with that inten-
tion but she again entreated me to let her return with
me and refused to stay there; and She retunred with
me to IllinoisIllinois where she remained until August 1825 when her Master on his return from a trip to
KentuckyKentucky called and took her home with him. She
went freely and with out any compulsion on the part of her
Master or apparent reluctance on hers.

Question 3 Do you know by what authority or produce the aforesaid
BrownBrown brought the said DorindaDorinda to IllinoisIllinois?

Answer I do not.

Richd J Hamilton

Sworn and Subscribed to before me on the day at the place and
between the homes first aforesaid.

Jack Manning J. P.