Jesse G. Lindell v. Bank of Missouri
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. Louis

Louis Bompart being of law-
ful age and duly sworn on his oath saith that
he believe he was appointed Cashier of the bank
of missouri in the year 1820 that he continued
to act and discharge the duties of cashier to said
institution until some time he thinks in the month
of april in the year 1822 at which time
with the consent of the President of said bank (Thomas
F. Reddick) he resigned his office of cashier
and went up the MissouriMissouri River in the employ-
ment of the American Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company , that
on the resignation of this affiant he under-
stood and believes that Elias T. LanghamElias T Langham
took charge of the business of the institution
by order of the President and perhaps some
of the Directors, that said Langham as this
affiant has been informed and believes acted
only as a clerk, the bank having prior to the
resignation of affiant ceased to do business
as a banking institution and no other per-
son as this affiant believes even having
been appointed cashier thereof after the resignation of
this affiant that this affiant has never acted
in the capacity of Cashier of said Bank of
missouri since the period as above stated at
which he resigned said office that the salary
of this affiant as Cashier of the bank of

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missouri was he thinks paid to him either before
or immediately after his resignation of that office

Sworn to and subscribed

Garmer Joo

L. Bompart