Jesse G. Lindell v. Bank of Missouri
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

Ss. HenryHenry Von Phul being duly sworn
on his oath saith that he was chosen one of the Directors
of the Bank of MissouriBank of Missouri in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and twenty one and as he thinks in May of that
year to serve as such Director for the ensuing year. that
Thomas F. RiddickThomas F Riddick was the President of said Bank for that
year & Louis BompartLouis Bompart was the Cashier of the same;
that the business of said Bank which was a corporate
body known by the style of the President Directors
& Company of the Bank of MissouriBank of Missouri , was conducted by
the Board of Directors & President chosen at the time
aforesaid, until some time in August of the same
year, when said Bank ceased to redeem its notes,
with specie, and soon after stopped all banking op-
erations: that said Board of Directors soon after that,
ceased to meet as a Board of Directors or to do any
acts of a corporate character. He further says that
he is positive that no other Directors or President
of said Bank, have been chosen since the year
eighteen hundred twenty one: that any such election
could not have happened without deponents Knowledge,
since that year, inasmuch as he has from that time been
always a resident of St. LouisSt Louis where the Banking
house of said institution had been located, & where the
said President & Directors of the year eighteen hundred &
twenty one resided, & where the election, if any had aoc-
curred, must have been held. Deponent further says that
while said Banking Institution was in operation the
President & Directors thereof purchased a lot of ground in
the town (now City) of St. Louis on which they erected
a Banking house, which they occupied from the time
of its erection until they ceased to do business as afore-
said, as their place of doing business in St LouisSt Louis and
the only place of doing their business & managing the

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affairs of said Institution in said town: which place
was fixed upon & designated: as this deponent & believes
& in fact is positive, by the President & Directors of
said Institution as the permanent location for trans-
acting the affairs of said corporation in St. LouisSt Louis.
And he says moreover that in the year of our Lord
Eighteen hundred twenty two or twenty three, the same
Lot & Banking house was sold and as deponent has
heard & believes, upon judgment & execution against
the said President Directors & Company; and that the
same lot & building have him ever since owned &
occupied by the persons claiming under that sale; &
have never since then, been in the possession or
control of said President Directors & Company or
any of their officers or agents: that since that time
said corporation has had no place of doing business
in St. LouisSt Louis, and
there have been no meetings of any Board of Directors
of said Institution to the Knowledge or belief of this
deponent since the year of our Lord eighteen hundred
& twenty one: that Louis BompartLouis Bompart the Cashier, not
long after the failure of said Institution, and probably
in the year eighteen hundred twenty two, quit the
said Institution, went into other business & has not to
the belief of this deponent, had any connection with
said President Directors & Company Since: or been in
their employ: that there has not been any new Cash-
ier chosen in the room of said Bompart since.
Deponent further says that said Thomas F. Reddick
died about two years & a half ago, having been for
several years previous thereto a resident of the CountyCounty of Jefferson
of JeffersonCounty of Jefferson in MissouriMissouri: and that no other person has
been chosen President of said Institution since said
RiddickRiddick was so chosen in the year eighteen hun-
dred and twenty one.