Jesse G. Lindell v. Bank of Missouri
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JesseJesse G Lindell GJesse G Lindell LindellJesse G Lindell
President Directors & Co.
of Bank of missouri

St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

RobertRobert wash garnishee on
execution in this case moves the Court to quash the
said execution and also to set aside & quash all
proceedings thereunder aginst him for the following
reasons & upon the affidants of HenryHenry VonPhul
MichaelMichael Tesson TessonMichael Tesson & LouisLouis Bompart BompartLouis Bompart

1 Because said execution is illegal irregular & void

2 Beause when it issued the said defendants had ceased
to exist as a corporate body and there was in exis-
tence no such corporation or Company

3 Because no such proceeding can legally be had
under said execution against this garnishee as the
debtor of said defendants as has been and and
adopted in this case.

4 Because under said execution no debts of said
defendants can legally be attached or seized for the
satisfaction of plaintiff's judgment.

RobertRobert wash
JJ Spalding SpaldingJ Spalding his atty