Jesse G. Lindell v. Bank of Missouri
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JesseJesse G Lindell GJesse G Lindell .LindellJesse G Lindell
President Directors & Company
of Bank of MissouriBank of Missouri defts.
RobertRobert Wash WashRobert Wash & al : garnishees

Be it remembered that on the seventh day of august in the year 1833

RobertRobert Wash WashRobert Wash who was summoned as a garnishee
under the executionissued on the judgt. in the above
cause moved the court to quash the said execution
& also to set aside all procedings thereunder a
gainst him & filed his reason therefore & affida-
in support thereof which motion reasons
& affidavits are in the words & figures following
(here insert the motions & reasons filed 6 augt
1833, & the affidavits of Von PhulTesson& Bom-
part filed 18 augt 1832,) which motion was by
court sustained & execution quashed& allpro-
thereunder set aside, to the granting
of which motion the plff: by his counsel excepts
& prays that this his bill of exceptions may be
signed sealed & made a part of the record which
is done accordingly

WillWill CCarrCarr seal

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