Jesse G. Lindell v. Bank of Missouri
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JesseJesse G Lindell GJesse G Lindell .LindellJesse G Lindell
President Directors & Company
of Bank of MissouriBank of Missouri

Be it remembered that on the seventh day of august in the year 1833

the defts in above cause moved the court to set aside
the original judgments therein also the judgt on scire
facias to receive said orginal judgt.& the execution there
on & all procedings thereunder & filed their reasons
therefor & affidants in support thereof, which mo-
tion reasons & affidavits are in the words & fi-
gures following (here insert the motions & reasons
for setting aside judgts& executions filed 6 augt
1833, & the affidavits of VonPhulPhul Tesson Bompart TessonPhul Tesson Bompart & BompartPhul Tesson Bompart
filed 18 augt 1832, which motion was by the court
sustained & the judgt & execution thereon& allpro-
ceedings there under set aside, to the granting of
which motion the plff: by his counsel excepts
& prays that this his bill of exceptions may be
signed sealed & made a part of the record which
is done accordingly

WillWill CCarrCarr seal

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