John Murry vs. Louis Menard and Clayton Tiffin
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John MerryJohn Merry
Clayton Teffin &
Louis MenardMenard

Taken by Consent D. of Parties attorney
on both sides present. Taken
at my office on this 6th day of April 1827

August Trottier of law full age
on the part of the defendants
the knows John MerryJohn Merry a negroe, the Plaintiff
in the above suit knows him from his birth
about 35 or 36 years ago he was born at his
house in CahokiaCahokia and was his slave he
got him by inheritance through his father
and another and John, from his said
father the said father and the other of said
John were negroe slaves he to his said
father. When said John was three
years old or there abouts he sold the father
mother and 6 he believes to Mr. Peuche
nan or said Peuchenan said him for them
question by Plaintiff attorney
where did your father to IllinoisIllinois
does not know.
did you know there John a slave in 1787. in the
state of IllinoisIllinois. he was not born his
father and mother were slaves the father
was a slave 60 years ago and the mother
40 or are one from his first knowledge he
knew her a slave he to his father.
defendant is 56 years ago. John is about
35 years old
question by defendants attorney
did your know the Mother of John to be
a slave 50 years ago. Ans I did she was
a negress
Sworn to and subscribed
beforeon the day and at the
place above written

Clement BClement B Purnore
Justice of the peace