John Murry vs. Louis Menard and Clayton Tiffin
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where your petititioner was then lawfully residing, in
the full & legal exercise of his liberty, and seizedyour
petitioner by main force, and put your petitioner into
the common jail, as his slave, and your petitioner
further shows, that the said pensins, declaring that it was
lawful to cheat defraud, oppress & reduce your petitioner
to a state of slavery, did chain and manacle your pe
titioner, and put him on board a certain steam boat
bound for the City of Orleans, Consigning your petitioner
to one John G. Stephenson, then a commission mer
chant in the City of New OrleansOrleans, with orders to sell
your petitioner as a slave an account of him the
said Pensins, And your petitioner saith, that he was
conveyed to the said City of N. Orleans, and was delivered to
and sold by said John G. Stephenson, as the slave of
him the said LewisLewis Pensins, to One AndrewAndrew Shecksni
about the first of April in the year 1825, in the City
of New OrleansOrleans. And your petitioner further showeth
unto your honor, that being of indignant at the injustice
and oppressive fraud & injustice thus inflicted upon him,
your petitioner absconded from the possession of said
Shecksni, and after many hardships reached CahokiaCahokia
in the County of St ClairCounty of St Clair in the state of IllinoisIllinois, where
your petitioner again was in the possession of his â
natural & legal liberty. And your petitioner saith.
that soon after his last arrival at CahokiaCahokia, he was,
again forcibly seized by certain persons, who pretended
that your petitioner was and allying slave, & brought
your petitioner across the MississippiMississippi river and put
your petitioner in Jail, where he was unlawfully de
tained, untill he was taken out of prison by a certain
Louis MenardMenard , and a certain Clayton Teffin, both in-
habitants of the City of St LouisCity of St Louis, in the state of Missou-
ri, who now hold your petitioner in their possession
and custody as a slave, unlawfully, under the false
pretence that they are entitled and authorised to hold
your petitioner in their possession and custody.
And your petitioner therefore prays, that he may be

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permitted to produce the remainder of the said sum of
fourteen hundred and fifty dollars in Court, to abide the Judg
ment of the Court, in a suit which your petititioner prays
to be permitted to institute as a poor person, in the said
circuit court, against the said Louis MenardMenard and the
said Clayton TiffinClayton Tiffin , for the recovery of his natural liberty
and freedom; and that your honor will please to Assign
your petitioner counsel in said cause, and make all such
orders in the premises as may be warranted by laws &
your petitioner will Ever pray, &c.

John MerryJohn Merry ,
By Joseph Charles Jr.
Atto at Law.