John Murry vs. Louis Menard and Clayton Tiffin
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Depositions taken by consent and to be read in evidence on the trial
circuit court of the county of St. LouisSt Louis, Between
John MerryJohn Merry Plaintiff and Clayton TiffinClayton Tiffin and Louis MenardMenard defen
dants on the part of the said plaintiff.

JulieJulie Bourdeau being duly sworn or her oath saith that
a certain Louis Perceneau told her they that he had
bought a horse cart, of his negro man namedJeanJean Mane
did say for how much - he further stated to her that on
his return from atribe his father had given him
all his slaves - that he then told the said slaves that they
were his property and must go with him. That the said
JeanJean Mane, the slave above named took all his things,
left the house of his former Master the father of the said
Louis Perceneau and went to reside with his own father
that said Perceneau told her that he intended to get out
of the said Negro JeanJean Louis, all he could, and then send
him down to New OrleansOrleans. That the said JeanJean Louis
was permitted to go at large as he pleased. heard
Perceneau say that the said Negro wished to purchase his
freedom and further saith not
Sworn to subscribed this
10th day of April 1823
before me
J. L. Grameri Esqr.

JulieJulie & Bourdeau