Winny et al vs. Pettibone et al
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LouisLouis Martin MartinLouis Martin a witness in the above case
claims attendance at the July term three days â 1.50
to 26 miles travel at 5 centsper mile â 1.30
Two days attendance Nov. term. â 1.00
26 miles travel at 5 cents per mile â 1.30

The above name LouisLouis Martin MartinLouis Martin being sworn says that he was summoned
in the above case on the part of the plaintiff and that he attended three
days at the July term of circuit court 1826 and two days at the
Nov. term 1826 and that he has traveled the number of miles above
charged in attending court and that he has not claimed attendance
as witness in any other case during the same time

sworn to before me Nov 30th 1826

A G Clk Louis - Martin