Winny et al vs. Pettibone et al
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JinnyJinny vs
EphraimEphraim Musick MusickEphraim Musick

being duly sworn saith that
management of the said
has been confided to him by the
said MusickMusick who has at the distance
of thirty five miles hence and who is
now at the place of his residence that
this affiant believes he has as much of
if not more knowledge of the testimony
to the defendant in this
defendant himself that

Applegate to be an
for this affiant on the trial of
the said cause, and that the same
facts can be proved by no other witness
that yesterday this affiant was informed
by the sheriff of St LouisSt Louis county
and believes it to be true that the
said Applegate is still with the
that his attendance
cannot be procured, and that this affi

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ant believes that the testimony of
the said Applegate can be
at the next term of this

sworn to in

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk