Winnetta vs. Ephrain Musick
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Ephraim MusickEphraim Musick
and others

And the said WinnettaWinnetta
as to the said plea of the
EphraimEphraim , by him above pleaded, as to the
said several trespasses in the introductory
part of his plea mentioned, and therein
attempted to be justified, saith, that she
the said WinnettaWinnetta , by reason of any thing
by the said EphraimEphraim in that plea alledged
ought not to be barred from having
and maintaining her aforesaid action
thereof against him the said EphraimEphraim ,
because the saith, that she is not the
slave of him him the said EphraimEphraim
but is a freeperson, and this she is
ready to verify, wherefore the said Win-
netta prays judgment, and her damages
by her sustained by reason of the
committing of the said several trespasses in her said dec-
laration mentioned, to be adjudged to her .

Bates & McGirk
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