State of Missouri vs. John Walker, Pierre Chouteau, Bernard Pratt, Alexis Amelin
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Alexis AmelinAlexis Amelin , to whom the writ of Habeas
Corpus, hereto attached, was directed, commanding
him to have the bodies of bathuha, Julia, Joseph
and Helen, persons of colour, before this honorable
court, together with the came of their
caption and detainer, for return to said writ
outfin to the court here, that the said Bathuha
Julia and Helm, were committed to the custody
and of him the said AmeliaAmelia , at Her
enlancum in the county of JeffersonJefferson , same time
in the month of April - last, by Alexander ScottAlexander Scott
MartinMartin of the steam boat General Brawer, as the agent of said ScottScott , for the purpose of bringing
the said Bathuha Julia and Helen to St LouisSt Louis and to make return of their bodies before the Honorable RobertRobert wash our of the Judges
of the court of the state of MissouriMissouri
in obedience to a writ of Habeas Corpus,
issued by said Judge to said
ScottScott , that said AmeliaAmelia brought the said
bathuha JuliaJulia and Helen to St LouisSt Louis as agent
of said ScottScott , and on his return found that
the said Judge Had gone to to
Sepian of the supreme court; that
said AmeliaAmelia committed the said bathuha
Julia & Helen to the custody of John KJohn K
Malker Esq. Jailor of St LouisSt Louis county for safe
keeping, untill the said Judge should return
to his chamber, that after said Judges
returned to his chambers, the said Bathuha
Julia & Helen were not taken out of the
custody of said AmeliaAmelia , by order of said
Judge, but were left with him as before
the return of said writ, no order having
been made by said judge. That said

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Bathuha Julia and Helen are now in the
actual custody of the said John KJohn K Malker
and an datained by him at my request, untill
they shall be claimed and taken away from me
by my principal
or his authorised agent
that the said AmeliaAmelia hold the said Julia Helen
and in my custody in no other character
than as the agent of said ScottScott , & that
they are not detained by me for any criminal
or supposed criminal matter & that they are
now in the custody of said WalkerWalker , ready to
be produced to this honorable court by him
on said writ. And the said AmeliaAmelia saith
that JosephJoseph , mentioned in said writ never
was, nor is he now in my custody or
or detained by in any manner
whatsoever, but is informed and believes that
PierrePierre Chouteau ChouteauPierre Chouteau senior, who claims said JosephJoseph
as his slave, has sent him up the MissouriMissouri

Sworn to in open court

May 26 1826

AArchibald Gamble Amelia

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk