Francois LaGrange vs. Bernard Pratt, Pierre Chouteau Jr.,John P. Cabanne, Bartholomew Berthold, B. Pratt & Co.
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plan eight or nine days and then was sent in
akeel boat to St. LouisSt Louis that on the return of said
plaintiff for saint Louis in said keel boat said
MenardMenard sent him after a four days at Kas Kas
Kia to the swamp in MissouriMissouri where he remained
about three weeks and then returned to Kas Kas Kia
and was from there immediately sent to St LouisSt Louis
and delivered up to said PierrePierre Chouteau ChouteauPierre Chouteau in
of the an between said
PierrePierre and said MenardMenard that the delivery of said
plaintiff to said PierrePierre Chouteau ChouteauPierre Chouteau took place about
the month of June 1817 The said Defendant then
on his behalf read in evidence the following depositions
to and the deposition of one Francois MenardFrancois Menard which
is in the words and figures following to witFrancoisFrancois Menard
MenardFrancois Menard of lawful age being produced owner and examiner
& (here set out Deposition as read) and as a the Deposition
of our Baptist which is in the wards &
following (here said our Daines deposition)
further wondered offer in said cause the
Counsel for the plantiff moved the court to
the Jury as follows there set out the
which in the said court
refused to give to which refusal and
said plantiff by his Counsel and tend,
his bill of exception which is signed by the Judge aforesaid

WillWill . C. CarrCarr

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