Francois LaGrange vs. Bernard Pratt, Pierre Chouteau Jr.,John P. Cabanne, Bartholomew Berthold, B. Pratt & Co.
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Pierre MenardPierre Menard stated he was not interested in this
wit at the of might seen that he was - that some
time in the year 1816PascalPascal Cerre CorréPascal Cerre applied to him
to purchase a negro man (the plaintiff) which he said
[ Core ] wished to sell, that he replied to said [ Core ]
he could not purchase as he W.[ Core ] knew
the witness resided at KaskaskiaKaskaskia in
the state of IllinoisIllinois where slavery was not toler
rated. Some time afterwards understanding
WPeterPierre Chouteau ChouteauPierre Chouteau Jr. the defendant wished to
purchase a slave he informed him that W Cere had
one for sale - to which W Chouteau replied W Cere
would not sell him the slave because he was desi
rous to sell him the some one who did not reside in
the town of of St. LouisSt Louis. It was suggested by M.
Berthold that he M Menard could buy the slave
for W. Chouteau; but the witness objected to this
as it would not be treating his friend M. Cere
correctly. He however agreed to buy
said slave for M. Chouteau and take him
down the river and keep him there some
months (perhaps five or six) and there deliver
him to the defendant, that he accordingly
bought the slave paid said Cere 500 $ for him took him to the in
MissouriMissouri and delivered him to M Valle to go
to work at Mine La Motta with some other
hands - that sometime afterwards he sent
from said to Kaskaskaia where he was
part on board a keelboat as [ ahand ] and
remaining there about two days went to New
OrleansOrleans and returned about 30 March 1817 as [ ahand ] in said boat
to KaskaskiaKaskaskia where he remained a few days
for the purpose of unloading the boat, that he
was there sent in the sent to the by swamp in Cape
County and after remaining there five or six
weeks returned on the boat to Kaskaskiaa & after two or three days
he was sent to St LouisSt Louis & delivered to the deft

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he has remained since. The witness repeated
that he bought the slave for defendant and
not for himself. The witness further said M.
Chouteau returned him the $500 where be
said the slave to him - He also stated
he never bought him with any intention
of keeping him or making KaskaskiaKaskaskia his
place of residence-