Milly v. Stephen Smith
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Commonwealth, of KentuckyKentucky
ShelbyShelby Circurt
Pleas, held before the honorable HenryHenry ,
Judge, of the Shelby, Circut Court
at the cour house in, the town, of
on the 23rd day of January 1826... Pramble

Levin, Cooper Plff
DavidDavid , Shefman, Defts

In Covenant,

Be it remembered, that hereto,
for to wit, on the 23rd day of January 1826
the plaintiff by his attorney filed herein
the Clerks Office of the ShelbyShelby,Circuit CourtCircuit Court his declaration is covement
broken; which is in those words,. Shelby, Circuit Set, Levin,
Cooper Complains of David, Shepard, in custody, & of a plea of
covenant broken, for that whereas the said deft. on the 19th day of April 1824, at the circuit aforesaid by his certain, Covenant in,
Writing signed with the name and sealed, with the seal, of the
said defendant, which is to the court now here showm, the date
whereof is the same day & year, aforesaid, promised to pay to the
Plaintiff twelve months after the date of said writing, send on, two
hundred fifty Dollars in Commonwealth, Bank, notes, and
the plaintiff that the defendant hath, not kept, his
Covenant, but hath broken the same in this that he
did not twelve, months, after the date of the Covenant, send on
pay to the said plaintiff the said sum of Two hundred &
fifty dollars in Commonwealth Bank, notes, nor hath he at
any time paid to the plaintiff the said sum of Two hundred and
fifty dollars in Commonwealth, bank notes or in any manner
whatever whatever discharge, his said Covenant,. But the same to pay &
discharge the after by the Plaintiff, often, requested, so to do
the said defendant hath hitherto, altogether & refused
and still, doth refuse to the damage of the