Milly v. Stephen Smith
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And afterwards to wit, on the 24th day of November 1826 the
following Executions issued, upon the foregoing replevin bond towit
The Commonwealth of KentuckyKentucky, to the Sheriff of ShelbyShelby County, CountyShelby County,
Greeting We, Command, you that of the estate, of DavidDavid Shipman
& Stephen SmithStephen Smith late, of your bailiwick, you cause to be made, the
sum of $562. to be, discharged by the payment of Two hundred
and eighty one dollars with interest, thereon at the rate of six per
centum, per annum, from, the 21st day of August 1826. Which
PollyPolly Ried lately, in Our ShelbyShelby,Circuit CourtCircuit Court received, against her
for debt, & interest, also 70 1/2 cents. Which in the same Court,
was adjudged, to the said,PollyPolly Ried for her, costs, in that suit,
Whereof, the said DavidDavid , Shipman & Stephen SmithStephen Smith are Convict, as appe
to in of record, and that, you, hea, the same before the Judge of
our, said Court at the Courthouse, in Shelbyville, on the next day to be,
held in the Clerk Office on the Saturday succeeding, the third, Monday
in January next to render to the said PollyPolly Ried,, of the debt amt
& Costs aforesaid and have, then there this writ Witness,SamuelSamuel ,
Tevis, clerk of Our said court, this 24th day of November 1826 and
in the 35th, year of the Commonwealth

SamuelSamuel Yevis C