Milly v. Stephen Smith
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and Sixty Seven dollars and fifty cents damages six
dollars, nineteen, cents costs, dated the 27th day of July 1826 to the September of our said
Court next ensuing,, directed to the Sheriff, of ShelbyShelby County
CountyShelby County, which hath been served, on the Estate of DavidDavid
Shipman by W.G Boyd, deputy, for Seth, Cook Sheriff
of Shelby CountyShelby County, and the said DavidDavid
prayed, a , which is granted, him, and his estate,
restored,, on entering into this bond with the said StephenStephen Smith
SmithStephen Smith his security: Now the condition of the foregoing
obligation is such, that if the above bound DavidDavid Shipman
and Stephen SmithStephen Smith or any of them, do well and truly pay
the said Levin, Cooper, the aforesaid Sum of Two hundred
and Sixty Seven dollars, fifty cents damages, six dollars
nineteen cents costs, and Six dollars eighty one cents the
Sheriffs half commission, and fifty cents for taking this
bond, amounting on the whole to Two hundred and Eighty
one dollars within three months from the date hereof,
with Interest thereon at the rate of Six ,
annum,, then this obligation to be void,, else remain in
force and virtue,.

DavidDavid Shipman

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Stephen SmithStephen Smith

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$ 281.001