Milly v. Stephen Smith
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The State ofIndiana IndianaIndiana,
JeffersonJefferson County, CountyJefferson County,Sc

J. Richard,T.
Clerk, of the JeffersonJefferson ,CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court ,
in and for the County, aforesaid do
Certify that WilliamWilliam J, Wharton, Esquire,
before whom the foregoing Depositions were,
taken and who has certified the same,
was at the time there of and still is an
acting, Justice of the peace, for the County of, duly
commissioned, and sworn and that
full faith and credit, are due, so all his
official acts as such In Testimony,Sheriff of

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I have, hereunto, set, my hand,
and affixed, the seal of
said Court at MadisonMadison ,
this 20th day October 1827.

R. C JacobsJacobs Clk

Clerks for our county by pltff