Milly v. Stephen Smith
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thing in relation to it and if so, what?
Answer. I have seen the question and
answer that I do know that DavidDavid Shipman
settled in or IllinoisIllinois, PrariePrairie, as mentioned
above and did, reside, there last winter. and
that said Shipman stated to me that he
intended to remain and reside, permanently, in
this state.

Question 2nd

Look at the Second question proposed
to Absolam,DillonDillon , in the above examination
and say whether or not you know any
thing in relation to it, and if so, what

Answer I have seen and examined the
said question and my answer is the same
in every part as given by the said Absolam,
DillonDillon , to the said second question

Question 3rd.

Do you or do you not know whether
Stephen SmithStephen Smith ever had said woman MillyMilly
in his possession, or any other of the colored
persons with her named in the answer
to the said second question put to Absolam
DillonDillon . Answer. StephenStephen Smith ,SmithStephen Smith stated
to me on or about the 25th Decbr. last that
he had a mortagage on the said MillyMilly
and the other black, & colored, persons. that
he never had them in possession. that he
never had paid to Shipman any consider
for, said Mortagage, but that the
mortgage was given by Shipman to SmithSmith
to him SmithSmith for becoming
security, for said Shipman and, that he SmithSmith