Milly v. Stephen Smith
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had not paid any part of the money
for which he was security

Questions put and answered, by
GordonGordon , Hawley, after being duly sworn.

Question 1st.

Do you a do you not know that
DavidDavid Shipman came to the IllinoisIllinois,
PrariePrairie, in this state if so at what
time and who did he bring with him

Answer. I do know that he came
and settled, in that place about the
month of October or November last
past. and that he rented, a farm of
JesseJesse ,HarrisonHarrison , and I do know that
he brought with him the black and
Coloured persons mentioned in the Answer
of Absolam,DillonDillon , to the second question
in his interrogation which MillyMilly
there mentioned a mulatto, woman. that said
MillyMilly had a child I think in the month
of March, last. And that the said
DavidDavid Shipman told me he intended to
remain in this state and make, it his
[ perminent ], place of Residence.

Question 2nd.

Did or did not Stephen SmithStephen Smith offer
to DavidDavid Shipman in your presence to take
MillyMilly and the last, above mentioned child
which she was then wherefor. for the price,
of six hundred Dollars the amount for
which he was Security for said Shipman

Answer he did and offered to Shipman from,