Milly v. Stephen Smith
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the Answers of Absolam,DillonDillon , and the
other above witnesses. that said
Shipman still has on, his said plantation,
in said PrariePrairie, his stock, and other,

Question put and answered by WilliamWilliam
Hall, after being duly sworn.

Question 1st.

Do you or do you not know that
there was a number of black, and mulatto,
persons living, with DavidDavid Shipman last
winter, at the said prarie, in this state
and if so when and in what manner did
they leave there answer I understood
that there were several Black and mulatto,
persons living, there at that time, &
that they left there the for part of
May last, and by General Report, they
were taken away by StephenStephen Smith ,SmithStephen Smith .

Question 2d.

did or did you not see said SmithSmith
shortly before said negroes, were taken
away & if so what did SmithSmith say
he was after


I did not speak, to SmithSmith personally, but
saw him with six, or seven, others about
2 or 3, hundred, yards. from my house, on,
the . My family informed me
that SmithSmith stated while at my house, that
he had come to see the Dillons,out about
the blacks. which blacks were taken
away as I was informed and believe on
the same night of the day said SmithSmith
was at my house_

Question 3d.

Do you or do you not verily, believe, from