Milly v. Stephen Smith
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Every information that SmithSmith and
his associates, took the negroes from
the said prarie, and moved them to StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis in MissouriMissouri. Answer I have
no doubt, of it from every information.

Questions put, and Answered by
ElijahElijah , Lincoln, after being duly
sworn .

Question 1st.

Did you or did you not hear a person,
by the name of Hungs say any thing in
relation to the taking away certain negroes
from the IllinoisIllinois, PrariePrairie in this state, &
if so what did he state


I did see, him in StSt Clair County ClairSt Clair County, CountySt Clair County some
time in the month of May or, June,
last, who stated that he had been up
in the quakers, settlement on the
after some Negroes that he had got
them to St. LouisSt Louis and that, they were
taken, from him. that he had been to
KentuckyKentucky after some papers. he,
further stated, that himself, and SmithSmith
and some others had been and got the
negroes but that the quakers, would,
not let, them, go. that the quakers
had given a bond for their forthcom
=ing that after they got the bond they
went up and got the Negroes and if
they had not got clear, would have made,
the quakers, pay the bond and they
would have had the negroes also_