Milly v. Stephen Smith
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This Indenture, made this 17th day of October 1826BetweenDavidDavid Shipman of the One part
and Stephen SmithStephen Smith of the Other part Witness
that the said DavidDavid Shipman for and in
Consideration of the sum of One Dollar to
him in hand paid thereunto, of Which he doth,
hereby Acknowledge hath, Granted, bargained and
sold and by these presents doth, Convey unto the
said Stephen SmithStephen Smith and his heirs, forever a tract,
of land in ShelbyShelby County, CountyShelby County on Grupers Creek Con
=taining twenty six arms and upon which said
Shipman First and Seventh now stands also,
a negroe man Named MosesMoses , about 30 Years
of age One Woman named,MillyMilly 25 or 6 Years
old One child Called,DavidDavid about 18 months
old,HarryHarry about 16. Years, Bill about 12
or 13 Years old SarahSarah about 27 Years old,
ElizaEliza about 15 Years old Six head, of horse
One Yolk of Oxen & cart, Ten, head, of Cattle
Thirty head of sheep, thirty, head of hogs, Beds
and furniture household and Kitchen furniture
of every kind farming utensils, & One Clock
To have, and to hold the said land slaves
& Chattels, with their, future increase to him
the said Stephen SmithStephen Smith and his heirs, forever,
And the said DavidDavid Shipman Covenants, that he,
WillWill , Warrant the, thereof to the said SmithSmith
and his heirs, against the claim, of all persons,