Milly v. Stephen Smith
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Whomsoever Rendered however subject to the,
following Conditions that is to say that whereas
the above, named DavidDavid Shipman is indebted,
to the Commonwealths bank in about the
sum of Eight hundred Dollars for which
the, said Stephen SmithStephen Smith is bound as Security,
And, the, said Shipman is also indebted, to the
heirs, of WilliamWilliam Cooper in about the sum of
six hundred Dollars for which the said StephenStephen
is bound as security, in a bond,. Also
indebted, to ElijahElijah ,WarnerWarner , in the sum of about
One hundred and Twenty Dollars. An Execution,
in the name of Wilm for about two hundred
and, forty Dollars for Which sum said StephenStephen
is, Also, bound, as, Security, And is also indebted,
to the said StephenStephen in, his own right in about
the sum of two hundred & seven, Dollars due,
by note, Now, the lands, slaves, & Chattels,
aforesaid with their future increase are hereby
declared to be given in Mortgage to,General
star indemity and pay the said Stephen SmithStephen Smith
as security and in his Own right, in the several,
sums of money herein, before enumerated and
mentioned and it is hereby expressly, understood
& agreed, upon between, the parties, that said DavidDavid
Shipman may and is hereby permitted, to retain,
and keep the possession, of said land Slaves and