Milly v. Stephen Smith
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other, chattles, with their, future increase and
the use thereof, subject however to the law, hereby
created, and should said Shipman or the said
SmithSmith at any time hereafter be able to effect
a sale of the land. Slaves of or any part
thereof at their fair value,, and apply the
proceeds, thereof to, the payment of the habitations
& Claims, herein, enumerated, or to the discharge
of a Judgment in form of the Farmers, and
Mechanics bank of Shelbyville, against said
shipman that in, such case said Shipman
and Smith Will to said,Sale and
make to the property so sold in Which
the said SmithSmith , will release, the him hereby
Granted Witness, the hands, & seals, of the
parties, the date aforesaid.

DavidDavid Shipman

S Stephen Smith