Milly v. Stephen Smith
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MillyMilly vs.SmithSmith


SpaldingSpalding read from Settable Laws of KentuckyKentucky,
vol. 2 page 120.1. Sec:
,, 1. 371.
Frauds & perjueries.

Settable& Sergent 1. vol. 324- must record mortgages &c.

GeyerGeyer - negroes, real estate 28 sec: same above
Common law introduced -
8. Sec: Constitution of KentuckyKentucky
implied by the general deed,
of 8. sec: that mortgage ought to be recorded, but
it is expressely, enacted see sec 31.
2. Bubb. 244.

SpaldingSpalding - The instrument is not a mortgage but
only creates a law,- that the recording or not
is of no importance here. As between
Shipman & SmithSmith the question of notice
cannot arise,-
slaves decided, to be personal property with=
in statute, of frauds. Bibbs. Reports vol
so declared for various, purposes.

in 1796, act, saying land to be passed, only by

MarquisMarquis - for tail in slaves declared to be an
estate of fee simple
5. Bacon, Mortgage B