Milly v. Stephen Smith
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And the Court sitting on a Jury doth find
that on the seventeenth day of October in the year eighteen hundred and twenty six, and DavidDavid Shipman,said Stephen SmithStephen Smith then being a resident of the
State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky,& owning, as his slave, & possessing, said,MillyMilly , the
plaintiff executed the following instrument of writing
which embraces said MillyMilly among other property enume-
therein; which instrument then signed likewise, by said StephenStephen Smith ,SmithStephen Smith is in the following words
(hence act out the instrument of Mortgage between SmithSmith &
Shipman). And the Court in its capacity aforesaid
further says, that soon after the execution
of the said instrument called a mortgage, said Daved
Shipman who was then greatly embarrassed in his pecuniary circumstances took the
said MillyMilly with several other of his slaves and secretly,
and with intent to withdraw himself & property from said SmithSmith , & other creditors, ran, away with them to the state of IndianaIndiana,, and there
in JeffersonJefferson County, CountyJefferson County in said State ofIndiana IndianaIndiana, executed
duly the deed of emancipation herein set out & ack-
the same before a Justice of the peace in the
same State, the said MillyMilly being present at the execu-
tion of said deed of emancipation; which said deed of
emancipation includes saidMillyMilly as one of the
persons therein named as set free, and is in the words
and figures following to wit; (here set out the
deed, of emancipation). and the person of
their oarth aforesaid and said Court doth further find, that imme-
diately after the execution of said deed of emancipa
tion, the said DavidDavid Shipman carried, said
MillyMilly to PeoriaPeoria County, CountyPeoria County in the State of IllinoisIllinois
where he said DavidDavid Shipman then settled with the intention, of residing there permanentaly hired, a