Milly v. Stephen Smith
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Stephen SmithStephen Smith
Harry DickHarry Dick
DavidDavid Shipman

JosiahJosiah Spalding SpaldingJosiah Spalding attorney for the plain-
tiffs in above cases being sworn saith that said
plaintiffs are claimed to be slaves under a mortgage
purporting to be executed by DavidDavid Shipman for-
merly owner of said slaves to said SmithSmith the de-
fendant that said Shipman has executed eman-
cipations of said slaves as deponent believes; that
the said mortgage contains in addition to the
plaintiffs, other property to wit three other slaves
six head of horns, a yolk of oxen,, ten
head of cattle, thirty head of sheep, thirty head
of hogs, beds & furniture, household & Kitchen
farming utensils & one clock also a tract of land,
in ShelbyShelby County, CountyShelby County State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky upon which is grist & saw
mill as stated in said mortgage: all which prop=
erty said mortgage state was executedtherein
pledged to secure said SmithSmith against certain
liabilities he had incurred, to said Shipman
to about the amount of seventeen or eighteen hundred
dollars & for a debt due to said SmithSmith of
about two hundred dollars & for no other
purpose: that this deponent never saw said
mortgage or knew its contents until some
time in November last, some days as
he thinks after the same was filed in the
clerk's office attached to depositions, that when
he saw said mortgage it was too late to take
depositions for this term, for the purpose of showing wheth-