Milly v. Stephen Smith
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be annexed to such lands and tenements and shall descend pass
and go therewith from time to time as aforesaidâ and said Court further
says that the following statute entitled an âact to prevent frauds and
perjuries" was passed by the Legislature of KentuckyKentucky and went into
operation in that State on December fourteenth in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six viz; sec 2. every gift grant or
conveyance of lands tenements or hereditaments goods or chattels or of
any rent common or profit of the same by writing or otherwise: and
every bond suit Judgement or Execution had or made and contrived
of malice fraud, covin, collusion or guile to the intent or purpose to
delay hinder or defraud creditors of their just and lawful actions
suits, debts, accounts damages penalties or forfeitures or to defraud or
deceive those who shall purchase the same lands, tenements or here-
-ditaments, or any rent profit or commodity out of them shall be
from thenceforth deemed and taken (only as against the person or
persons his her or their heirs successors Executors administrators or
assigns and every of them whose debts suits demands Estates and
interest by such guileful and covinous devices and practices aforesaid
shall or might be in anywise disturbed hindered delayed or defrauded
to be clearly and utterly void; any pretence colour feigned consideration
Expressing of use, or any other matter or thing to the contrary notwith-
-standing; and moreover if a conveyance be of goods and chattels
and be not on consideration deemed valuable in law it shall be
taken to be fraudulent within this act unless the same be by will
duly proved and recorded or by deed in writing acknowledged or
proved if the same deed includes lands also in such manner as
conveyances of lands are by law directed to be acknowledged or
proved: or if it be of goods and chattels only then acknowledged or
proved by two witnesses in the office of the court of appeals or district
court, or in the court of quarter sessions or county court of the county
wherein one of the parties lives within Eight months after the Execution
thereof or unless possession shall really and bonafide remain with
the donee, and in like manner where any loan of goods and chattels
shall be pretended to have been made to any person with whom or
those claiming under him possession shall have remained by the
space of five years without demand made and pursued by due
process at [ lan ], on the part of the pretended lender or where any
reservation or limitation shall be pretended to have been made
of an use or property by way of condition reversion remainder or