Milly v. Stephen Smith
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otherwise in goods and chattels the possession whereof shall have
remained in another as aforesaid the same shall be taken as to
the creditors and purchasers of the persons aforesaid so remaining
in possession to be fraudulent within this act and that the absolute
property is in the possession unless such loan reservation or limitation
of use or property were declared by will or deed in writing proved
and recorded as aforesaid Sec 3 this act shall not extend to any Esate
or interest in any lands goods or chattels or any rents common or profit
out of the same which shall be upon good consideration and bona
fide lawfully conveyed or assused to any person or persons bodies
politic or corporateâ and said court further says that in the year
one thousand seven hundred and seventy six the Convention of
the Sate of VirginiaVirginia passed the following ordinance to wit; "VI. And be it further ordained that the common law of EnglandEngland all
Statutes or acts of Parliament made in aid of the common law prior
to the fourth year of the reign of King James the first and which are of a general
nature not local to that Kingdom together with the several acts of the
General assembly of this colony now in force so far as the same may
consist with the several ordinances declarations and resolutions of
the general convention shall be the rule of decision and shall be the rule of decision and shall be
considered as in full force until the same shall be altered by the
legislative power of this colonyâ and said court says further that in
June in the year one thousand Eight hundred the Constitution of the
State of KentuckyKentucky went into operation in which is the following clause
viz" 8. all laws which on the first day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety two were in force in the State of Virgima and which
are of a general nature and not to eat to that State and not repugnant
to this Constitution nor to the laws which have been Enacted by the
legislature of this commonwealth shall be in force within this
State until they shall be altered or repealed by the general assembly
and said Court says that the Legislature of KentuckyKentucky passed the
following act which went into force on nineteenth December in the year seventeen hundred and ninety six viz; Sections | Be it enacted
by the General Assembly that no Estate of inheritance or freehold
or for a term of more than five years in lands or tenements shall
be conveyed from one to another unless the conveyance be declared
by writing sealed and delivered nor shall such conveyance be good
against a purchaser for a valuable consideration. not having