Milly v. Stephen Smith
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notice thereof, or any creditor unless the same writing be acknow-
-ledged by the party or parties who shall have sealed and delivered it, or
be proved by three witnesses to be his her or their act in the office of
the clerk of the Court of appeals, of a district court or in a court of quarter
sessions or county court in the manner prescribed by law or in the
manner hereinafter directed within Eight months after the time of
sealing and delivering and be lodged with the Clerk of such court to
be there recorded âSec 11. Every Estate in lands which shall hereafter
be granted conveyed or devised to one although other words heretofore
necessary to transfer an estate of inheritance be not added shall
be deemed a fee simple if a less Estate be not [ limitted ] by express words
or do not appear to have been granted conveyed or devised by con-
-struction or operation of law - where an Estate hath been or shall be
by any conveyance limited in remainder to the son or daughter
or to the use of the son or daughter of any person to be begotten such
son or daughter born after the decease of his or her father shall
take the estate in the same manner as if he or she had been
born in the lifetime of the father although no Estate shall have
been conveyed to support the contingent remainder after his
death Sec 12. By deed of bargain and sale or by deeds of lease and
release or by covenant to stand seized to use or deed operating by
way of covenant to stand seized to use the possession of the bargainor
releaseor or covenantor shall be deemed heretofore to have been
and hereafter to be transferred to the bargainee releasee or person
entitled to the use for the Estate or interest which such person hath
or shall have in the use as perfectly as if such bargainee releasee
or person entitled to the use had been Enfeoffed with livery of
[ seisin ] of the land intended to be conveyed by the said deed or covenant-
and said court finds further that the Legislature of said State of KentuckyKentucky
passed the following act which went into operation in KentuckyKentucky on
the thirteenth day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and twenty viz; Sec 4. no deed of Mortgage or deed of trust hereafter made
or Executed for or upon any real or personal Estate shall be good or
valid against any creditor or a purchases for valuable consideration
without notice thereof unless such deed shall within sixty days
after its Execution upon the acknowledgment or proof thereof by
two subscribing witnesses according to the Existing laws be deposited
for record in the office of the County court clerk of the County
where the estate therein conveyed or the greater part thereof lies, and
the court sitting as aforesaid doth further find that the several