Milly v. Stephen Smith
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HenryHenry ,Shipman of Lawful age
being produced sworn & examined, on the
part of Defendant deposeth, & saith,
he is the nephew, of DavidDavid Shipman,
he resided, near him for the last, six,
or seven, years of Davids, residence, in
KentuckyKentucky.. He knew his slaves- were
MillyMilly was a yellow woman about
27 years old of ordinary size, Neat
& cleanly, in, her dress- He knew her
children AllenAllen MaryMary , - & Davy,-
He understand AllenAllen &MaryMary is not
claimed by SmithSmith Davy, is a boy, about
at this time, 2 years &twenty old yellow
complexion,wellgrown& large of his
age. HarryHarry , is about 16. or 17. years old
about 5 feet, 10 or 11 inches, dark,
[ complextion ], has an impediment, in
his [ speach ] thin, visage,- showsmade
BillyBilly is 13 or 15. Years old above 5 feet,
high black [ complextion ],- scar,
on his cheek, or jaw- long
head high foward - full eyes. of
andshows his
when he laughs